Please delete your WDB folder regularly to ensure that all recent changes take effect for you.

All fixes and changes are based on qualified historical evidence that has been submitted by players and staff to our issue tracker.
Changes will be applied on scheduled server restarts.
Please delete your WDB folder regularly to ensure that all recent changes take effect for you.


  • Added despawn on evade for summoned creature Mercutio Filthgorger and Crypt Robber. #6792 #8357
  • Corrected event type and quotes for Sethir the Ancient #3958 #11946
  • Added more spawns for Geolord Mottle #12029
  • Corrected Dustbelcher Wyrmhunters range movement to avoid dead zone exploit #12164
  • Corrected Bluegill Raiders range movement to avoid dead zone exploit #12164
  • Corrected Princess Theradras ability timers #12254
  • Corrected waypoints for Sethir the Ancient and added quotes. #3958 #11946
  • Added patrol waypoints for Grimmaw
  • Added additional Prince Nazjak spawn points #12134
  • Deathmaw updated #10524
  • Kurzen Mindslave – AI fixed
  • Changed movement speed and added immunities to DM bosses #12089
  • Fixed stuck in combat in SFK #12191
  • Onyxia Whelp – hp corrected. #12202
  • Green, bronze, red Drakonid – corrected immunities. #12079, #12080, #12081
  • Firemaw, Flamegor, Ebonroc – corrected timers. #12098, #11897, #11896
  • Updated Ragnaros Immnunities #11893
  • Flamewaker Elite AI updated. #11764
  • Added Longsnout boars to elwynn. #12169
  • Respawn time of STV beast elites, Colonel and quest related gameobjects updated
  • Updated Myzraels encounter #4372
  • Small update to Demitrian and related Thunderfury gossips



  • Fixed lock picking exploits on instance doors
  • Reduced spawntime of Stone of Binding #12168
  • Corrected go type and page material on Soothsaying Book
  • Trophies chest respawn lowered
  • Adjusted respawn and restock time on quest chest for the Dead-tooth Jack quest
  • Cozzle’s footlocker – respawn lowered.
  • Portals have been fixed #12184
  • Prevent summoning multiple tower defense NPCs at Tower of Arathor
  • Kirtonos encounter updated
  • Updated Altar of Elune handling on ranshallas escort



  • Added end script for The Missing Diplomat
  • Argent Dawn Commission – quests corrected #3353
  • Fix typo in completion text of Ancient Spirit quest #12241
  • Set correct prequest for Another Message to the Wildhammer quest #12205
  • Tweaked cauldron lords respawns in Western Plaguelands #12214
  • Fixed rerewards for different quests with same item and npc.
  • Make sure Private Thorsen always continues his escort even when something goes wrong.
  • Update Demetrias AI and quest script
  • Make Kerlonian instant respawn after his quest
  • Fixed remaining issues on Shay Leafrunner quest #5466
  • Hematus and Blacklash summons improved



  • Iridescent Sprite Darter Wing – drops corrected
  • Obsidian Greaves drops corrected
  • Blackrock Medallion drops corrected
  • General Drakkisath – loot corrected
  • World epic BoE 50+ lvl – drops corrected
  • Goraluk Anvilcrack – loot corrected
  • Molten Core recipes – drop chance corrected #8041
  • and more general loot cleanups



  • Escort AI has received multiple updates
  • Follower AI received mutliple updates
  • Corrected summon for Lunaclaw and make him run towards the stone #7193
  • Molten Core entrance level updated #5973
  • Multiple chat filter updates
  • Multiple Rend event updates
  • The Maul bosses will no longer reset inside the arena
  • Fixed altar channeling spells
  • Fix Warlock pet mana regeneration.
  • Player-owned and player-controlled units are now subject to aura heartbeat resistance checks. #12144 #11878
  • Charge received an update
  • Special damage-over-time (such as Volley) spells will no longer increase combat skill.
  • Fixed an issue with hunters dismiss ability
  • Crystal Yield does not stack with Sunder Armor anymore #11621
  • Prevent infinite crusaders zombies spawns in Stratholme #11616
  • Breakable auras such as fear will now break sooner
  • Feline Swiftness and similar auras have been fixed
  • Molten Core received multiple updates
  • Updated Kel’Thuzad frost bolt timer according to research data provided #11798
  • Rogue’s ability Blade Flurry corrected #7578
  • Fixed an issue with gossips
  • Improved loot generation
  • Many more creature AIs have been updated as part of a major AI clean up


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All fixes and changes are based on qualified historical evidence that has been submitted by players and staff to our issue tracker.
Changes will be applied on scheduled server restarts.
Please delete your WDB folder regularly to ensure that all recent changes take effect for you.
  • Improved quest completion for Resupplying the Excavation
  • Revamped epic hunter quest NPCs and AI’s
  • Quest NPC and support implemented for The Scarlet Oracle, Demetria #9188
  • Supplies to Private Thorsen can now be turned in #12043
  • Updated A Crew Under Fire quest and wave NPC’s #11572
  • Freedom for All Creatures starting quest updated #323
  • Implemented When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent quest #3138
  • Precarious Predicament quest now ends without escort NPC suddenly despawning #7678
  • Fixed Guardians of the Altar #3127
  • Implemented Ancient Spirit escort and updated related spell #1750
  • Fixed remaining issues with Ringo’s escort quest #4885
  • Triage quests have been completely overhauled #3518
  • Implemented Shadoweaver quest, Raze can now be used. #11165
  • Updated Betrayed quest event #3998
  • Corrected required quest level of Show Your Work
  • Updated quest requirements for The Glowing Fruit #12082 #12083
  • Updated Master Smith Burninate quests #12074
  • The Prodigal Lich Returns quest end event added #11944
  • Added quest end event for Escape Through Force and Escape Through Stealth quests #11948
  • Added quest start event to Forsaken Aid #11945
  • Added quest end event to Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient #11161
  • Added the missing cutscene to Noggenfogger Elixir quest #10689 #11160
  • Updated Death From Below quest #11949
  • Added Elixir of Suffering quest end event #4393
  • Argent Dawn Commission quests (scourge stones) are no longer available before you have acquired the Argent Dawn Commission trinket #11650
  • Fixed Garush quest requirements #11647 #11648 #11649
  • Rite of VisionThe Plains Vision’s movement redone, quest text corrected. #11548
  • Many quests received several updates related to quest experience, required level and rewards being wrongly backported
  • Added quest end event for Well of Corruption #5525
  • Added A Strange Historian quest event #2752
  • Corrected requirements of Libram quests #7369 #7366 #7367
  • Added conditions for some repeatable quests #3117
  • Added correct gossip menus for A Little Slime Goes a Long Way #6999
  • Added emote during the wait time for Cache of Mau’ari #6348
  • Fixed Troubled Spirits of Kel’Theril quest GO usage #11181
  • Fixed event for Zamek’s Distraction quest #4791
  • Fixed Returning Home quest line and removed duplicate quest reward #6179
  • Craftsman’s Writ quest can now be completed correctly #3128
  • Past Endeavours quest can now be completed correctly #6483
  • Corrected typo in Quest XP rewards #12027
  • Corrected required level of Allegiance to the Old Gods quest #11876
  • Correct required level of Trouble in the Deeps quest #11875
  • Updated quest description of Crushridge Warmongers #11182
  • Signal for Pickup quest now has correct conditions and is repeatable #11807
  • Fixed objectives text for Call To Arms quest #11183
  • Fixed quest requirements for A sample of slime… #11141 #11644
  • Corrected required level for multiple quests #7215
  • Corrected pre-quest for Mastering the Elements quest #11113
  • Fixed Morrowgrain to Darnassus quest #7844
  • Celebras no longer disappears during his escort #8989
  • Chicken escort in Hinterlands no longer spawns multiple ambushes of the same type repeatedly.
  • Fixed Mission: Possible But Not Probable NPC weaknesses #3899
  • Revamped Murkdeep quest #5858
  • Revamped Mana Surges quest
  • Revamped Lazy peons quest
  • Updated Wandering Shay quest
  • Updated Murkdeep event
  • Added Fel Curse spell implementation, corrected Fel Curse Effect duration to Uniting the Shattered Amulet #6474
  • Added full Stitches event to Duskwood #944
  • Updated despawn time mechanic on use
  • Completely overhauled Soothsaying for Dummies functionality #11797 #11799
  • Tweaked dynamic respawn for GameObjects
  • Felwood Truesilver vein – added tainted vitriol to the loot #12039
  • Corrected level requirements of Deadmines meeting stone #11658
  • Various loot and item fixes #11639
  • Worn Running Boots – bonding corrected #12068
  • Piece of Krom’zar’s Banner is now marked as party loot #12118
  • Fixed drop rate of Mountain Lion Blood #12132
  • Blasted Lands item buffs are now mutually exclusive #11909
  • Grimand Elmore – added movement route after finishing Collection of Goods quest #27
  • Sea Spray – creature template corrected #9724
  • Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle – AI updated #3947
  • Biletoad – AI corrected #2955
  • Emeraldon Oracle – AI corrected #8007
  • Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle – AI corrected #3947
  • Nightmare Phantasm – will now despawn after some time out of combat #9684
  • Shadowhide Slayer – AI corrected #2874
  • Stormscale Myrmidon – AI removed, now handled by a passive aura #11925
  • Grimtotem Bandit – AI corrected #4280
  • Removed cast of thrash effect from AI’s, it is handled now by passive auras. More info in the comment section of #11928
  • Servant of Ilgalar – AI corrected #6218
  • Princess Theradras – AI corrected #8525
  • Short John Mithril – added gurubashi chest event #5140
  • Master Digger – loot chance adjusted #1459
  • Giant Plains Creeper – removed skinning loot #10576
  • Vilebranch Berserker – AI corrected #5104
  • Helcular’s Remains – corrected AI and added quest end event #3477 #5381
  • Number Two – immunities corrected #11990
  • Ringo – move speed corrected #4885
  • Snow Tracker Wolf – updated loot template
  • Critters – respawn time harmonized. Dungeon and raid critters not affected.
  • Critters – disabled dynamic respawn
  • Short John Mithril – corrected movement type
  • Ironaya – AI fixed #12017
  • Mavoris Cloudsbreak – added quote on aggro #11722
  • Lupine Delusion – health and damage corrected #8380
  • Deathstalker Erland – aggro range corrected #12099
  • Updated damage multipliers #12116
  • Gunters Visage – movement type corrected
  • Colonel Kurzen – added proper AI
  • High Priestess Jeklik – removed immunity to disarm #12026
  • Lathoric the Black and Obsidion – added creature linking #1118
  • Rhahk’Zor – updated patrol #11670
  • Furbolgs in Darkshore – AI updated #11925
  • Stitches – updates to summon position, waypoints and multiple spawns fixed
  • Eliza – multiple spawns fixed
  • Bellygrub – updated spawn position
  • Sentinel Selarin – multiple spawns fixed
  • Princess Moira Bronzebeard – combat behavior corrected #5787
  • Emperor Dagran Thaurissan – Hand of Thaurissan cooldown corrected #12016
  • Argent Quartermaster Hasana – gossip corrected #11646
  • Updated escort AI to only aggro beyond the usual range if an escorting player or group member is in combat.
  • Deadmines – updates #5361 #11671 #3119
  • Stratholme – Aurius’ Reckoning event added. #11693
  • Stratholme – Ghostly Citizen dance reactions updated #11614
  • Wailing Caverns – Updated many Wailing Caverns AIs
  • Zul’Gurub – Level requirement corrected to 50 #8150
  • Blackfathom Deeps – Shrine event fixed
  • Corrected creature modifiers for Scholomance, Dire Maul, Stratholme and BRD #11939 #11940 #11952 #11953
  • Thorium Brotherhood – corrected rep rewards. #12038
  • Noblegarden event updated #11618
  • Feast of Winter Veil event updated
  • Updated many caster AIs to use the correct movement type
  • Fixed an issue where rest state does not fade (rested out in the world/instant log out)
  • Fixed an issue with group loot that could occur when only quest items drop
  • Added Dire Maul arena event and its unique herb spawns. #9646

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All fixes and changes are based on qualified historical evidence that has been submitted by players and staff in our issue tracker. Changes will be applied on next server restart (February 27th). Please delete your WDB folder regularly to ensure that all recent changes take effect for you.

  • Correct glancing blow formula. Max effectiveness at 315 instead of 309 now. #11730
  • Blackrock Depths – Added few missing says/emotes, Remove Stoned aura from Ragereaver Golems in The Manufactory
  • Blackrock Depths – The Grim Guzzler improvements (the bar), corrected typo in Ribbly’s gossip option, implemented patron random says, etc.
  • Stratholme – Minor improvements in Atiesh’ AI and prevent possible issue with weapon not spawning after reset.
  • Implemented Southshore Crier event in Southshore #5124
  • Noblegarden start date adjusted to April 1st, and event length corrected, removed Easter Dress from loot tables #11618
  • Minor addition to beacons in Alterac Valley, text emotes on refreshing beacons added.
  • Properly reset tamed NPCs in Alterac Valley #10787
  • Added Seal of the Earth GameObject script, updated quest requirements for Seal of the Earth quest, fixed multiple summons on related quests #10663, #7172
  • Correct Gently Shaken Gift GameObject and its quest relation
  • Feralas: A History can now offer its quest #1679
  • Frozen Rune objects should now always disappear after they have been looted. #11566
  • Updated auto close timers for Demon Portals related to quest Portals of the Legion #4409
  • Added missing durability to Druid version of Atiesh Staff #11674
  • Adjusted item level of Runed Scroll #10142
  • Bag of Marbles is now soulbound #11681
  • Correct buy and sell prices #11717
  • Fix item prices for Maul of the Redeemed Crusader and Might of Menethil #11678
  • Festive Filled Mug will expire after 24 hours now #11566
  • Add miscellaneous event to creature Motega Fireman.
  • Add missing passive auras to creatures Venom Belcher, Bile Spewer, Crypt Beast.
  • Add patrol for Scholar Runethorn.
  • Add patrol for Setis.
  • Added waypoint to Rhahk’Zor #11670
  • Cookie is no longer immune to stun #11673
  • Correct damage for Razorfen Servitor. #11642
  • Corrected some loot drop chances on Morgaine the Sly
  • Captain Greenskin will always have level 20 now #11673
  • Defias Blackguard is now level 19 – 20 #11656
  • Edwin VanCleef is no longer immune to disarm #11659
  • Edwin VanCleef is now level 21 #11652
  • Fix Kwee name type #11823
  • Fix level of creature Defias Evoker. #11655
  • Fix level of creature Defias Miner. #11654
  • Gilnid is no longer immune to stun or disarm #11665
  • Make Rexxar and Misha active by default, so they keep walking and not stuck when players are not around.
  • Make the world buff trigger NPCs immune to aggro
  • Mr. Smite is no longer immune to disarm #11661
  • Reduce spawn time for quest NPC which just stands around for RP event, related to Thistleheart and Alexander Calder
  • Rhahk’Zor is no longer immune to stun or disarm #11662
  • Set correct movement type for Rhahk’Zor #11670
  • Sneed is no longer immune to stun or disarm #11664
  • Sneed’s Shredder is no longer immune to stun #11663
  • Updated equipment for mentioned creatures #3293
  • Edwin VanCleef no longer summons adds at 20% hp #2948
  • Adjusted Swoops AI a bit #7693
  • Updated Rizzle’s Guarded Plans with correct gossip text #4791
  • Updated Dig Rat loot template #4305
  • Updated page text 371 for Foreboding Plans #11048
  • Added Arash-ethis missing patrol and missing spawn point. #4998
  • Added correct Frostmaw event, updated related quest and related DB parts #4483
  • Added end event for quest Jin’Zil’s Forest Magic, added spell script for Jin’Zil’s Curse spell #2638
  • Added Mage’s Wand quest start event #10248
  • Added new Sea Creature Bones items to DB, updated related quests to require of the new items #5982
  • Added new Sea Turtle Remains and Strangely Marked Box items to DB, updated related quests to require of the new items #6510
  • Added proper Gales Escape escort implementation. #4814
  • Added Reclaiming the Charred Vale quest end event, updated related DB parts #8365
  • Added The Blackwood Corrupted quest event, adjusted related spell and added NPC scripts #5889
  • Cast Drinking Barleybrew Scalder (drunk effect) on player, upon accepting The Rethban Gauntlet quest. Related to #7546
  • Corrections for quest Egg Hunt, added missing emote to protectors, added missing AI text, updated Silithid mound loot template #3767
  • Excelsior quest will now require killing Saltwater Crocolisks to get quest creatures to spawn. #10673
  • Fixed Trek to Ashenvale quest requirements #5349
  • Fixed, Updated and Refactored Challenge Overlord Mok’Morokk script, completion and resets #3528
  • Implemented Jungle Secrets escort and event to enable the quest #6291
  • Implemented quests Covert Ops – Alpha and Covert Ops – Beta, added spell scripts, GameObject script and updated related GameObjects and spell script names in DB #5601, #5602
  • Minor update to summon positions for Kolkar NPCs #3963
  • Tower of Agathor has tower defenses functionality now #2098
  • Update min level for Safety First Quest(chain) #11795
  • Update Summoning the Princess quest, resets properly, despawns after 5 min, summoning Myzrael not possible now if 1 is spawned already, update event AI and related Myzrael aura spell #10668
  • Updated / Refactored Freedom for All Creatures quest script, updated aggro texts which contained $c and had creatures as target #323
  • Updated and Refactored Wandering Shay quest script #5466
  • Updated Cleansing of the Orb of Orahil quest mob summon spell, quest mob is now summoned visually nice in the middle of the room #5798
  • Updated Kodo Roundup quest related script and refactored it #10065
  • Updated Mark of Honor and Vanquish the Invaders quests #5245
  • Updated quest text, added on quest end script #5062
  • Updated Questioning Reethe quest event / escort, added missing script text and missing emotes #4837
  • Updated The Sleeper Has Awakened quest event and implemented ambushs #3443
  • Minor updates to visual aspects of Reethe dialogs and Blackwood Furbolgs.
  • Improve quest support for quest Plagued Lands #920, #8254
  • Rewrite One Shot. One Kill. Quest event and moved to correct script file #3876
  • Update Tanaris Field Sampling related quest loot item drop chances. #5507
  • Added correct The Key to Freedom quest end event #5406
  • Added Keeping Pace distraction event #5906
  • Added Noggenfogger Elixir quest start event #10689
  • Added Seeping Corruption quest related scripts #5173, #5171
  • Added The Knife Revealed quest end event #6859
  • Updated Lard Lost His Lunch quest DB script and added missing AI action and AI text to ambushers #5052
  • Updated Weapons of Spirit quest start script #5031
  • Added event to the end of Proof of Deed quest #4241
  • Added The Completed Orb of Dar’Orahil quest start event #5797
  • Updated Highlord Demitrian script, added missing gossip menus, removed unnecessary conditions #6210
  • Updated Pyrewood Ambush quest script #2917
  • Added additional areatriggers in support of the quest How Big a Threat? #6590
  • Corrected conditions for gossip with Myranda the Hag (Disguise) #3134
  • Triage quest has been rewritten. #3518
  • Updated Betrayed quest event. #3998
  • Updated required quest levels on multiple quests. #11869, #11870, #11871, #11872, #11873
Raids (Molten Core)
    • General

    • Several bosses are no longer immune to fire.
    • The cooldown of many abilities have been updated in that the cooldown now has a range rather than being used at fixed intervals. In addition, the ‘average’ cooldown on many abilities have been changed as specified below. The degree to which these cooldowns have been changed are in some cases so noticable that the encounter as a whole will feel quite different.


    • Ancient Core Hounds no longer use Serrated Bite. They will instead use Vicious Bite, which is a frontal cone ability dealing heavy physical damage.
    • The cooldown of Ancient Core Hounds Ground Stomp is now longer than before.


    • The cooldown of Panic is slightly longer than before.

Baron Geddon

    • The cooldown of Inferno is significantly shorter than before.
    • Inferno’s periodic damage has been corrected.
    • The cooldown of Living Bomb is significantly shorter than before.


    • The cooldown of Deaden Magic is significantly shorter than before.
    • The cooldown of Arcane Explosion is significantly shorter than before.
    • The cooldown of Shazzrah’s Curse is slightly longer than before.

Sulfuron Harbinger

    • Flamewaker Priests are now immune to Silence.
    • Flamewaker Priests are now also able to cast their healing spell on themselves, previously they could only cast it on other targets.
    • The cooldown of the Flamewaker Priest’s Dark Strike ability is significantly shorter than before.


  • Flamewaker Healers Shadow Bolt spell now have a cooldown.
  • Flamewaker Elite now have a Fireball spell at their disposal in addition to their other spells.
Skills and Spells
  • Corrected Inferno’s periodic damage. #11838
  • Eye of the Dead trigger conditions correction. #11598
  • Implement missing effect for spell Might of the Scourge. #4186
  • Make Radiation Poisoning negative #11847
  • Corrected Harvest Silithid Egg spell to spawn only 1 protector #3767
  • Felstriker buff is now shown in combat log #10159

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October 8th 2017 Changelog

  • Added a missing graveyard for GM Island
  • Killing scourge invasion mobs will grant reputation up until revered. #11250
  • Corpse despawn time for temporary creatures is not affected by dynamic respawn. #11250
  • Added missing aura to Voodoo Spirit.
  • Corrected faction for Lieutenant Nevell.
  • Corrected damage for Spellmaw. #11164
  • Linked several guards in Light’s Hope Chapel and Cenarion Hold. Added Scourge Invasion only guards to Light’s Hope Chapel.
Spells and Skills

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September 17th 2017 Changelog

  • Fixed an issue that prevented higher rank heal over time spells from overwriting lower ranked ones. #10685
  • Fixed a newly introduced issue that occasionally caused bosses to drop a reduced number of items.
  • Fixed a newly introduced issue where spell reflectors were not reflecting spell effects.
Game Objects

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September 6th 2017 changelog

  • A new command (.train) will be available on the PTR within 24 hours. This command will advance characters to level 60, learn all class spells, max out professions, weapon skills, and everything else relevant to your class. Reputation for Brood of Nozdormu and Argent Dawn will also be set to exalted.
  • Fixed scripting and other details for the Corrupted Ashbringer / High Inquisitor Fairbanks event. #11096
Game Objects
  • ZG – Edge of Madness bosses now drop 1-3 tokens. #9119


August 20th 2017 changelog

  • Combat pulse now occurs every 3 seconds, this should improve Vanish and Feign Death. #9989
  • Fixed an issue where SetHealthPercent() could kill already dead player. #5367
Game Objects
  • Removed duplicate game objects that were not required. #11023
  • Added missing Darkmoon Faire Cannon in Mulgore and fixed both cannons. #11091
  • Weegli Blastfuse‘s gun has been added to his model. #3273
  • Fixed all incorrect stats and sub-issues in Blackrock Spire. #10945
  • Reduced spawntime of Fozruk. #10876
  • Combat dummies now have more HP and are no longer immune to poisons. #10868
  • AQ40 – Added invisibility detection to Anubisath Warder. #11087
  • AQ40 – Sandblast will drop threat on affected targets.
  • ZG – All bosses are immune to knockdown.
Spells and Skills
  • Spells without the ‘ranged’ attribute should not be considered as ranged for miss chance calculations. #11033

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August 6th 2017 changelog

  • Pets are now temporarly despawned while the player is being teleported. #7922
  • Fixed an issue where a player might not have been teleported out of a raid after it has been reset. #9356
  • Creatures will now grant Brood of Nozdormu repuation during the Ahn’Qiraj Opening Event. #10317
  • Improvements have been made to melee leeway. #10659
  • Shaman totems now properly apply buffs during duels.
  • Interrupting a flight path due a teleportation will no longer cause the player to continue to fly through the air.
  • Fixed a bug where more than the allowed player count could zone into an instance. #10838
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to circumvent the 5-instances per hour lockout. #11014
Spells and Skills
  • Players will no longer unexpectedly stop eating, when entering Stealth. #5590
  • Remorseless Attacks and other similar abilities, will now properly trigger when the target is killed by non-melee damage (such as poisons, etc.)#5608
  • Seal of Righteousness now functions like a melee attack for the purposes of triggering procs. #6785
  • Shackle Undead rank 3 is now available to Priests on the Alliance faction. #9087
  • Shaman totems will despawn when their duration has expired, or when the shaman places another of that type. #10133
  • Improvements have been made to how Stealth interacts with various rogue abilities . #10354
  • Extra attacks (such as those generated by windfury) should properly process now, instead of being stored. #10438
  • Corpses that have decayed into skeletons can now be consumed by Cannibalize. #10457
  • Blackout and other similar abilities can now properly be reflected. #10640
  • Grounding Totem will no longer be randomly triggered by AOE spells. #10749
  • Unified melee miss chance calculations for spells and melee attacks, fixed miss chance calculation for next-melee spells. #11009

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July 23rd 2017 changelog

  • Arathi Basin now gives 10 reputation per 200 resources, instead of 10 per 330 resources. #7466
  • A core fix was applied that will prevent mobs from moving at increased speed while they attempt to reach their target. #8181

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July 23rd 2017 changelog

  • Adjusted the Slime Stream ability; the boss is less likely to use it when being repositioned.
  • Decimate will no longer take damage modifiers such as Defensive Stance or Berserker Stance into account.
  • Decimate timer fixed.
  • Frenzy timer fixed.
  • Zombies will no longer move at increased speed as they spawn. (Core Fix this will apply to many monsters)
  • Zombies will no longer move at increased speed to try and reach their target. (Core Fix this will apply to many monsters)
  • Zombies will no longer apply the Infected Wounds debuff to players at an unintended range.
  • Adjusted the way Zombies movement are affected by Decimate; Zombies move at reduced speed when hit by Decimate but players will not be able to further reduce that speed.
  • Added a small delay before new Zombies spawn after each Decimate.
  • Reduced Gluth’s hitbox.
  • The transition has undergone several waves of fixes, ultimately we’re happy to have all issues fixed.
  • Positive Charge and Negative Charge now properly increases players damage in phase 2.
  • Threat will be transferred when tanks are thrown to the other platform in phase 1.
  • Upon defeating Thaddius, players will now be able to use the portal to return to the center of Naxxramas.

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July 9th 2017 changelog


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