Discord is a service that allows you to communicate with other players and members of Kronos Team. You can use text channels as well as voice channels.

How to get on Discord:
Visit website where you can choose between downloading app for windows, smartphone or web service.

To join Kronos discord you only need to use our invitation
Discord invitation:

Only thing you have to do is to make an account and then click on the invitation above. After these steps you will be directed to the Kronos Discord.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Note: To prevent abuse our bot will kick all users with recently created accounts. Your account has be at least one hour old.

Internet Relay Chat

IRC is a way of communication with the Kronos team as well as with other players. You can use it if you need urgent help with some serious issue. IRC consists of various channels and each of them has its specific purpose:

  • #kronos-wow is a channel for a free discussion. If you have a question that can be answered by other players, try to ask here.
  • #kronos-help

Learn more about IRC