Before asking about something related to the server on our forum or IRC chat, please read these short FAQ and use the “search” function on the forum. Almost all of your possible questions have probably already been answered and you will save your as well as our time.

Q: Do you transfer characters from other servers?
A: No, we do not, but you can use our character auction containing characters properly leveled up by TwinStar players. These characters can be purchased for Stars available through the DONATE system. By purchasing the Stars you also financially support the server.

Q: I received an error message “this account has been suspended…”, when logging in.
A: Your account has been temporarily banned. More information can be found on the main page (log in to the account manager and search for recent bans). In case of doubts or a need for further clarification, turn to the person who has given you the ban. He or she will provide you with more facts about the reason and length of your ban.

Q: When I try to log in, I keep receiving an error message “This World of Warcraft account has been closed and is no longer available for use”.
A: This means that someone has an IP ban, and you have the same IP.

Q: I think my ban is unfair. Who should I ask for help?
A: Your ban can be reviewed by the GameMaster (GM) who has given it to you (can be found in the account manager) or you can ask the main GM Chero.

Q: The reason for my ban is “failed login autoban”.
A: This is an automatic ban you get if you enter a wrong game account password three times. It lasts ten minutes. Log in to the account manager, retrieve a new password and try to log in in another 12 minutes. Then it should work.

Q: I lost my game account password, what to do?
A: A new password can be sent via the account manager. You will find this option on the main page of the account manager which is located on our main website twinstar.cz.

Q: I forgot the password to the email I used for registering my game account. Can I somehow change the email address? How?
A: The registration email cannot be changed. You have to contact your email provider and seek help from his side.

Q: When connected to the Ares server, I cannot pick any realm from the list, what to do?
A: In that case you are trying to connect having an incorrect game version of your client. We are currently using 2.4.3 client version.

Q: I cannot log in to the game, what to do now?
A: Make sure that you have the right patch installed and your realmlist looks like this: “set realmlist login.kronos-wow.com” (without those inverted commas).

Q: When the server crashed I lost an item I obtained / bought. Can it be returned?
A: Any item, XP or honor lost during the server crash CANNOT be restored! The same applies to items, HP, honors etc. lost due to the player’s own fault. There is an automatic save function on the server which regularly saves all characters. In addition, there is another function that saves your character when you, for example, complete any quest.

Q: What realmlist is used for Kronos
A: They all have the same one: set realmlist login.kronos-wow.com

Q: What to do if I have not found the answer to my question?
A: Post the question on our forum or ask on IRC on the channel #kronos-help.