Project Kronos Rules


By playing on this server, all players agree to abide by the following rules. Not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse when a rule has been broken.

The administrator reserves the right to change the project rules at any time. Players are obligated to observe changes to the rules announced via the TwinStar, Project Kronos Homepage, Forums, in-game, in social media or in Discord, and abide by them even if they are not yet listed here.

The Game Master(s) act upon direct orders from the Head Game Master and the Assistant Head Game Masters. In the absence of the Head Game Master, the Assistant Head Game Master can act on their behalf.

It is possible to appeal against a Game Master’s decision to the Head Game Master/Assistant Head Game Masters exclusively via private means of communication (IRC, Discord). The administrator is the highest authority, his decision is final and there is no countermanding his decision.

The Administrator reserves the right to banish any player from the server and services connected to the server without stating a reason.

The Kronos Team relies on a “progressive punishment” system – meaning the first infraction is *typically a warning, subsequent similar infractions result in more severe punishment up to and including a permanent ban of the character or account.

*Depending on the severity and at the discretion of the reviewing the offense, harsher punishments may be given to any account that is deemed to have severely broken a rule without a valid reason.

Note: The language for public in-game channels (world, trade, general, etc…), support (forums, tickets, Discord), and the bug report are strictly English.

Player Behavior

Chat rules for all Kronos services (in-game, Discord, etc):

The following are not permitted:

  • Vulgarities/obscenities/offensive language
  • Racism/racist terms, including so-called “positive racism”
  • Spam / trolling / gibberish / meaningless or inconsequential messages
  • CAPS ONLY oR AnyFoRM oF CL3arLy IrR1TtaTiNg foRM@t

NoteAccess to public channels is a privilege which can be taken away at any time based on the player’s behavior, without warning, at the discretion of the staff. – progressive discipline applied


Automated or unmanned playing of your character is strictly against the rules and will result in immediate closure of your account, with the potential of all your accounts being closed.

Controlling Multiple Characters – Multi-boxing:

It’s forbidden for a player to be logged into more than one character “out in the world” at any time. Players are allowed to be online with multiple characters in a major city.


“In the world” constitutes anywhere that is not a major city.
“Major city” constitutes only the major cities of each faction.

Examples of what is permitted:

#1: Player X can be logged into a character leveling in Felwood, while having a character online in Stormwind giving food/water to guildies, enchanting, trading, auction house, etc…
#2: Player X can be in a battleground (considered “in the world”) while another character of theirs is online in Undercity.
#3: Player X is in Eastern Plaguelands questing, while logged into multiple bank alts in Ironforge.

Examples of what is not permitted:

#1: Player X is playing multiple characters in the same location/different locations “in the world”.
#2: Player X is using a Warlock and two alts to summon characters.
#3: Player X is in a battleground while also questing/farming in Burning Steppes.

PvP Rules and guidelines:

Golden Rule: All PvP participants are expected to be actively involved in the advancement of battleground objectives.

The following are examples of what is not allowed in PVP:

  • Win/Honor trade
  • Purposely pop battleground queues with the use of multiple characters (on same/opposite factions)
  • Purposely preventing your character from going AFK in battlegrounds (simply moving around and being “active” is not enough. See the Golden Rule)
  • Honor leeching
  • Same faction griefing (i.e. holding the flag in WSG with no attempt(s) to actually turn it in, playing the battleground naked/little gear).
  • Safespotting
    • Attacking players from a position that requires a buff/spell/exploit to reach is NOT allowed.
    • Here are some pictures of common safespotting areas in battlegrounds: Pictures

*Related section: Player Harassment

Players not following these guidelines may be removed from the battleground, and may be subject to additional punishment.

The following are examples of what is not allowed in world PvP:

  • Same faction griefing
  • Following someone and sniping/tagging their objectives
    • This is OK ONLY if there is a reason that you are in competition for those specific mobs – e.g.: they have a quest drop or are a rare spawn
  • Repeatedly killing quest giver NPCs
    • A raid on a town/city is fine
    • Camping a low-level town and killing all of the quest giver NPCs so that none of the low-level players can do anything in that area is not allowed
  • Safespotting
    • Attacking from a position from where you are not accessible by every race, gender, class, and NPCs if you aggro them

Example: sitting on top of a pillar

*Related section: Player Harassment


Abusing bugs or any exploitation considered detrimental to the health of the server is strictly prohibited. (e.g.: Abusing respawns/resets, leeching experience while in a position where mobs will not aggro/can kill you”)

Economy/Real Money Trading:

Players are forbidden from the following activities on all realms, including those that have the Stars system:

  • Buying or selling gold for real currency or stars.
  • Inciting players to commit a server infraction (selling characters)
  • Buying or selling characters for real money.
  • Buying or selling stars with real money from any source other than the TwinStar website.
  • Buying/selling characters for gold, trading gold/items/characters to or from other non-TwinStar projects.

Trading outside of the Twinstar system is at the players’ own risk, Twinstar/Kronos will not be held responsible for players who have been scammed.

Casino type activities (gambling, lottery, etc…) are not allowed (e.g.: any games for gold)

Account Sharing:

We prohibit account sharing when it comes to PvP ranking. Players caught account sharing while ranking will be subject to significant discipline.
While we do not prohibit account sharing outside of PvP, we strongly discourage the practice as this opens up your account to be compromised.
Sharing your account is at your own risk. Players who share their account information and have their accounts hacked/impacted will have limited GM assistance.
Players having their account compromised more than once will not receive any assistance from our staff.
We strongly encourage to keep account information private and regularly change your passwords – do not use the same account/password combination that you may have used on other projects.


Modifying the functioning of the client or its communication with the server (hacking), tampering with game files, getting to the other side of doors without actually opening them, teleporting/speed and other such behavior is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate account closure(s).

Player Harassment:

Griefing/camping players in-game is not against the rules as this is a PVP server.

The following are examples of things considered Player Harassment and are not tolerated

  • Harassing players who have put you on their ignore list by creating/messaging from alts (including those you delete)
  • Griefing bottlenecking quest NPCs (e.g.: Hogger)
  • Abusing owner/moderator rights in a communication channel
  • Cash on Delivery mail (CoD) scamming
  • Boat griefing (crowd control/fearing/mind control while on a boat)

*Related section – “PvP Rules and Guidelines” re: World PvP

Staff Harassment:

Our staff members are volunteers who take a great deal of time out of their week to help provide players with the best quality performance and support that we can provide. Dealing with adults acting like kindergarten kids is not part of their responsibility.

The following is not permitted and may be punishable at the discretion of the staff:

  • Abusing the in-game ticket system
  • Using a name (or similar name) of a TwinStar Team member for naming a character/guild
  • Impersonating a member of the Kronos Team
  • Insulting member(s) of the Kronos Team or making any derogatory remarks towards its members or their work.

Our team members work under their staff alias, and should only be addressed under such alias.

Any direct or indirect insinuation(s) of possible links between a team member and their regular player identity (should they also play on the server) is strictly prohibited (whether joking or not).

As our staff receive no in-game perks or benefits for their volunteering with our project, and are punished (up to removal and closing of all their accounts) if they abuse their power; it’s unacceptable for players to take matters into their own hands with any of the above harassment or abuse and will not be tolerated.

Constructive criticism is always welcome via private means (whisper, PM in Discord/forum, etc..).

It’s against the rules to do any of the above in public channels, either in-game (ex: world) or in Discord (ex: general chat). Access to public channels is a privilege, not a right (read: Player Behavior section).

If you have any complaints about the actions or behavior of a team member, contact either the Head Game Master or an Assistant Head Game Master. If you insist on taking “matters into your own hands” or disregard the message of this paragraph, you may be subject to punishment.

Kronos Policy

Naming Policy:

Players are prohibited from naming characters/pets/guilds with vulgar, obscene, insulting, hateful, threatening or mocking expressions.

Names found to be violating this policy may be renamed by the staff at their discretion.

Players that continue to use names which violate the rules after being forcibly renamed may be subject to additional punishment.

“GDKP” or similar practices:

Having groups, where item drops from raid bosses can be auctioned or purchased for in-game currency/items or real money, is strictly against the rules and will not be allowed.

This includes selling your “/roll” result prior to the roll happening. E.g. selling your roll to someone before the roll happens for a flat fee, “win or lose”.

VPN & Other Similar Methods:

It’s strictly forbidden to use any means of changing or hiding real information about a connected client (anonymous connection and DynIP). It’s also strictly forbidden to connect to the game server, forum or IRC/Discord via anonymous proxy servers (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), ELITE proxy, web anonymizers, including any software using these means.

Note: We reserve the right to close VPN accounts at any time.

Server Advertising:

It’s forbidden to advertise/promote other servers with the same or similar focus as TwinStar projects. It’s also forbidden to post links or information about sites which contain direct information about such servers.

Progressive Punishment Policy:

Depending on the nature and severity of the issue(s), punishments may vary between the following:

  • Verbal warning/written warnings – this is typically the first thing and is attached to your account for reference in all future matters. Aka: permanent record is kept of any warning/punishment given to a character/account
  • Mutes
  • Kicks
  • Ban from Discord and/or world chat
  • Up to suspension of account(s)/character(s) and bans (short term, long term, permanent, and/or IP).

Some issues are considered Zero Tolerance, and as such, the penalty is permanent account closure.

Punishments may also be linked to different TwinStar services up to and including a global block of all TwinStar services. It’s also possible to impose a “material” punishment (deleting /a piece of/ equipment, gold, items, penalize or remove honor from the offending player(s), etc…).

All punishments are effective immediately.

Item Restoration/Loot Issues:

  • Characters not leveled by you (e.g.: received character via trade) are considered “as is” and ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for item restores/quest reward swaps.
    Note: If a player attempts to deceive the Kronos team regarding this, the account will be closed.
  • Our team will help with misloot/item restore & swap once in a three-month period per person. Our team reserves the right to limit these for repeat offenders (e.g.: guild has numerous self-caused misloot issues).
  • If the item was deleted or lost, ample proof is required for the item to be restored. Without sufficient proof, the item will not be able to be restored. The validity of the proof is up to the Head GameMaster or Assistant Head GameMaster’s decision. The GMs reserve the right to limit/refuse restore for items as they see fit.
  • Players who had their account compromised will only have limited GM assistance in restoring items.
  • To resolve all Item Restoration/Loot Issues, please submit a ticket in Discord. Steps to create the ticket in Discord can be found in the #read-first channel of Discord. Tickets must be submitted within 24 hours of the loot issue (e.g.: misloot in raids) to receive support.

Note: We only handle loot issues for raid content (UBRS, MC+).


  • Lootmaster’s name:
  • Guilds name (if not a pug and/or who raid ID belongs to):
  • Raid and Boss:
  • The player who the item was intended for
  • The player who has the item currently:
  • Item name:
  • Date of kill:
  • Boss kill link:

The GM team does not involve itself with either Guild related issues nor Ninja loot/trade scam issues.

Kronos Expectations:

  • In-game tickets are to be used only for issues that do not require a bug report or Discord ticket such as a loot issue.
  • Players are obligated to report any bugs/exploits/player infractions (RMT/DKPR/Exploits) via appropriate methods – e.g.: Discord/Bugtracker. Players found withholding information may be subject to punishment.
  • Bugs submitted via in-game tickets will be deleted without reply and may go unresolved, as a result, it will take longer for a fix to be implemented.
  • Abusing the bug will be punished based on the discretion of the Kronos Team.

If you don’t know how to report a bug, please go to this page.

If a bug report already exists, please add a comment and provide any new information that may not have been stated. When you create a bug report, please provide us with as much information as possible (thorough description and/or screenshot, video, etc…). The more information we get, the sooner the issue might be resolved.

  • Bugged quests/can not be completed, bugged pet abilities or problems which due to their nature are not possible to be resolved in-game
  • Spell, Ability or Item is bugged
  • NPC, game-object loot is missing or bugged
  • Global problems (e.g.: problems that concern not only you but more or all players)
  • Players are obligated to report the actions of another player if they’re found to be in conflict with the server rules. The report may be directed to any person who is a part of the Kronos Team either via in-game ticket or via IRC/Discord.

Player Expectations:

As stated in the Disclaimer at the top of this page, not knowing the rules is not a viable excuse, and will not be accepted by Kronos Team.

  • Players are obligated to report any bugs in the game via the BugTracker.
  • Failing to do so or abusing the bug will be punished based on the discretion of the Kronos Team
  • Bugs can only be reported via the bug tracker, not via in-game tickets
  • Bugs submitted via in-game tickets may be deleted without reply and therefore go unresolved, as a result, it will take longer for a fix to be implemented. If you do not know how to report a bug, please go to this page. If a bug exists, please add a comment and provide any new information that may not have been stated. When you create a bug report, please provide us with as much information as possible (thorough description and/or screenshot, video, etc…). The more information we get, the sooner the issue might be resolved.

Examples of what to report via the BugTracker:

  • – Bugged quests/can not be completed, bugged pet abilities or problems which due to their nature are not possible to be resolved in-game
  • – Spell, Ability or Item is bugged
  • – NPC, game-object loot is missing or bugged
  • – Global problems (e.g.: problems that concern not only you but more or all players)


  • Rename/transfer of characters can be done in the Account Manager.
  • Race/Faction change is currently not available.
  • While our team tries its best to be available on IRC/Discord for important/time-sensitive issues, we cannot guarantee that a member of staff will be available 24/7.
  • Stars are provided as a thank you for donations made to TwinStar in order to help us maintain and upgrade our infrastructure. Stars are not purchased, and donations are non-refundable.
  • Trading/exchanging characters or accounts via public channels (it is allowed only in the “character auction” channel in-game and the #character-auction Discord channel

Last update: 24th July, 2019