Changelog – April 29th 2018

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All fixes and changes are based on qualified historical evidence that has been submitted by players and staff to our issue tracker.
Changes will be applied on scheduled server restarts.
Please delete your WDB folder regularly to ensure that all recent changes take effect for you.


  • Added despawn on evade for summoned creature Mercutio Filthgorger and Crypt Robber. #6792 #8357
  • Corrected event type and quotes for Sethir the Ancient #3958 #11946
  • Added more spawns for Geolord Mottle #12029
  • Corrected Dustbelcher Wyrmhunters range movement to avoid dead zone exploit #12164
  • Corrected Bluegill Raiders range movement to avoid dead zone exploit #12164
  • Corrected Princess Theradras ability timers #12254
  • Corrected waypoints for Sethir the Ancient and added quotes. #3958 #11946
  • Added patrol waypoints for Grimmaw
  • Added additional Prince Nazjak spawn points #12134
  • Deathmaw updated #10524
  • Kurzen Mindslave – AI fixed
  • Changed movement speed and added immunities to DM bosses #12089
  • Fixed stuck in combat in SFK #12191
  • Onyxia Whelp – hp corrected. #12202
  • Green, bronze, red Drakonid – corrected immunities. #12079, #12080, #12081
  • Firemaw, Flamegor, Ebonroc – corrected timers. #12098, #11897, #11896
  • Updated Ragnaros Immnunities #11893
  • Flamewaker Elite AI updated. #11764
  • Added Longsnout boars to elwynn. #12169
  • Respawn time of STV beast elites, Colonel and quest related gameobjects updated
  • Updated Myzraels encounter #4372
  • Small update to Demitrian and related Thunderfury gossips



  • Fixed lock picking exploits on instance doors
  • Reduced spawntime of Stone of Binding #12168
  • Corrected go type and page material on Soothsaying Book
  • Trophies chest respawn lowered
  • Adjusted respawn and restock time on quest chest for the Dead-tooth Jack quest
  • Cozzle’s footlocker – respawn lowered.
  • Portals have been fixed #12184
  • Prevent summoning multiple tower defense NPCs at Tower of Arathor
  • Kirtonos encounter updated
  • Updated Altar of Elune handling on ranshallas escort



  • Added end script for The Missing Diplomat
  • Argent Dawn Commission – quests corrected #3353
  • Fix typo in completion text of Ancient Spirit quest #12241
  • Set correct prequest for Another Message to the Wildhammer quest #12205
  • Tweaked cauldron lords respawns in Western Plaguelands #12214
  • Fixed rerewards for different quests with same item and npc.
  • Make sure Private Thorsen always continues his escort even when something goes wrong.
  • Update Demetrias AI and quest script
  • Make Kerlonian instant respawn after his quest
  • Fixed remaining issues on Shay Leafrunner quest #5466
  • Hematus and Blacklash summons improved



  • Iridescent Sprite Darter Wing – drops corrected
  • Obsidian Greaves drops corrected
  • Blackrock Medallion drops corrected
  • General Drakkisath – loot corrected
  • World epic BoE 50+ lvl – drops corrected
  • Goraluk Anvilcrack – loot corrected
  • Molten Core recipes – drop chance corrected #8041
  • and more general loot cleanups



  • Escort AI has received multiple updates
  • Follower AI received mutliple updates
  • Corrected summon for Lunaclaw and make him run towards the stone #7193
  • Molten Core entrance level updated #5973
  • Multiple chat filter updates
  • Multiple Rend event updates
  • The Maul bosses will no longer reset inside the arena
  • Fixed altar channeling spells
  • Fix Warlock pet mana regeneration.
  • Player-owned and player-controlled units are now subject to aura heartbeat resistance checks. #12144 #11878
  • Charge received an update
  • Special damage-over-time (such as Volley) spells will no longer increase combat skill.
  • Fixed an issue with hunters dismiss ability
  • Crystal Yield does not stack with Sunder Armor anymore #11621
  • Prevent infinite crusaders zombies spawns in Stratholme #11616
  • Breakable auras such as fear will now break sooner
  • Feline Swiftness and similar auras have been fixed
  • Molten Core¬†received multiple updates
  • Updated Kel’Thuzad frost bolt timer according to research data provided #11798
  • Rogue’s ability Blade Flurry corrected #7578
  • Fixed an issue with gossips
  • Improved loot generation
  • Many more creature AIs have been updated as part of a major AI clean up


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