Become a part of the old Vanilla world. Set up your client according to our guide.

If you have any questions, read the FAQ first. In case you don’t find the answer, you can try asking on our IRC.

Most our services are to be found on the web page of the TwinStar project, under which Kronos belongs.

Account Manager

In order to play on Kronos, you need a game account created in the account manager.

Account manager also contains many useful features like the character auction or donate system. You can purchase Stars through the donate system, and for these Stars you can then buy special mounts, pets or tabards that cannot be obtained in-game.
You cannot buy any gear this way!
However, in our character auction you can spend your Stars on characters that were leveled up by Kronos players.


On our forum you can take part in numerous lively discussions, suggest improvements for the server or comment on what you don’t like.
There are also various videos from our players, guides, sections dedicated to both PVE and PVP and many others.

If you encounter a player violating server rules by misbehaving, abusing a bug etc., you can (and are obliged to) report him to the forum Blacklist.

If you want to become a part of the community you need to create a separate forum account. With this account you can also log in to our TwinHEAD database.


Kronos has its own Armory, where you can search for characters, guilds and various statistics like Honor ranking.

The armory contains a talent calculator.


It’s our gaming database, where you can find information concerning NPCs, quests, zones etc. It includes plenty of features: Bosskills, detailed statistics from every instance encounter, changelog and much more.

It is also a place where you are supposed to report bugs you find in-game (and only them!) – malfunctioning quests, NPCs, items, spells etc.

The Good, the Bad and the community

Dear community,

We hope you had a great summer and a big welcome to the new/returning players who have been slowly joining Kronos III over the past month. We have a few housekeeping items we’d like to bring to the community’s attention.

Server Upkeep

Kronos III has been online since March 30th, 2018 and while we have had our fair share of unexpected challenges and issues, thanks to our developers we have come a long way with improvements (and some still to come). One of the big game changers we were really thrilled about as a team was the removal of the store in the hopes that the community would help keep our project going through donations. We knew this was a gamble that could easily fail, however, there is no success without failure so we were prepared to take this chance as we felt it benefit our community and our project. As we have since passed the five-month mark of Kronos III without a store, we have not been able to maintain consistent enough donations to help keep our project operational. As such, in the coming day(s) we will have no choice but to return the store to our website. This store will have many of the same features we had previously, including character trade and character auctions for characters leveled by our community. It will not, however, contain cross faction mounts. We are extremely saddened by the return of the store, however, we knew this was a possibility. You can’t know success without failure, but we tried which is what matters most. The bottom line is we’d rather see the project continue than to close completely. For those who have donated and continue to do so, know that we are forever thankful as you are responsible for helping to keep us going this long. We hope that players will now have more access to help keep the project up and running.

Blackwing Lair

Blackwing Lair is set to open on September 30th, 2018. There is no specific release time as of yet, however, a safe guesstimate would be in the range from around 5-7 PM server time. As we get closer, keep an eye on our Discord announcement for a release time.

Public Test Realm

The PTR is currently being worked on for players to once again use. All characters have been wiped from the PTR, however, you have access to commands in order to skill up and add items. The PTR is scheduled to be available before Blackwing Lair goes live.

Discord Banlist Cleanup

Finally, communication is always a major importance when running a project. It’s never as easy as it appears it should be, factor in other factors such as time zone differences and volunteers who come & go it can make communication that much more challenging. There’s always room to improve communication, and we’re always working towards this goal. One of our biggest methods of communication is through Discord. Many of our community and those who want to keep up to date with the latest happening find it a great resource. However, over the years we have had numerous players who have abused this resource, some have done so way more than others. As you can imagine, our ban list has increased steadily. After recent GM team meetings, we’ve come to a decision to do a one-time ban removal for all Discord accounts. So if you have been removed by one of our team members for violating rules, this is your one time “get out of jail free” card. However, this brings a new change that will be enforced immediately. Our Kronos rules are clearly listed on our website and should be followed at all times in public channels including Discord. The ability to use Discord is a privilege, not a right. Moving forward, all Discord bans will be permanent with no appeals. This change won’t affect 99% of our player base, the 1% who choose to ignore or disregard Kronos rules as if they do not apply to them will find themselves out in the cold. If you have any concerns, you can always pm our Head GM or Assistant Head GMs.

That’s it for today’s news, keep an eye on Discord for more updates as they come! Safe travels, friends.