Frequently Asked Questions

When the Server launched?

Kronos was launched on the 28th of May 2015.

Where is Kronos hosted?

Kronos is part of the TwinStar Project, which is hosted in Central Europe. Server specifications can be found here. If you have a client available, you may test your latency by creating a game account and logging onto one of the other TwinStar realms.
However, various North and South American players have assured us, that they experienced no latency issues. Look here for a recent discussion of the subject.

What experience rates will be offered on Kronos?

The Experience rate will be x1, with an option to turn off experience gain altogether for low-level PvP alts.

What about gold and drop rates?

There will be no alterations to gold or drop rates.

What kind of donation rewards will there be?

Donation rewards are limited to vanity rewards, such as mounts (not however the riding skill) and non-combat pets.

Will the Auction Houses be linked?

Currently, we have no plans to link the two faction’s Auction Houses.

In what order and timeframe will the content be released?

The currently planned release schedule can be found here. Regarding the overall timeframe, we can really only say that we will figure it out as we go along. That being said, you will not have to wait long for Black Wing Lair and Zul’Gurub.

Is multi-boxing allowed?

Unlike on the other TwinStar realms, multi-boxing that utilizes additional software of any kind, be it complete all in one multi-boxing tools or a simple key cloner is banned on Kronos. However, simple alt-tabbing is allowed on Kronos I.
Any form of multi-boxing is prohibited on Kronos III.

What about other rules and violations?

These are the Server Rules and this is the current List of Violations. Note that as these are valid for all TwinStar servers there is obviously a huge amount of rules that will find little to no application. Also, a lot of these violations are not possible under normal circumstances and will thus find just as little application. However, should they ever be possible, due to whatever reasons, they do apply and anybody caught will be punished accordingly.

Will there be Character Transfers from other Servers?

Characters Transfers from other Servers will never be possible.

What about features such as free skills up to a certain level or reduced respec costs?

As we are going with x1 leveling rates there will also be no free skills offered. Respec costs will be reduced to a maximum of 10 Gold, to enable players a more flexible play-style and encourage a high level of participation in PvP.

What about cheating and abuses such as duping?

We have a working Warden in place as well as several other mechanics that will hopefully prevent all cheating. In addition, all kinds of abuses known to us are already being prevented on our current test realm and we are working as hard as possible to reduce the number of available abuses to near zero.

What is your plan to deal with DDoS attacks?

As Kronos is a part of the much larger TwinStar project and the TwinStar server environment is about as protected against DDoS attacks as it can get, this will hopefully never be an issue.

What about a Database and an Armory?

Our Vanilla TwinHead Database can be found here. An armory is currently under development and is scheduled to launch some time after the server. The TwinHead database also includes a boss kill tracker, which will receive further features before launch.

How can I contact the team?

The easiest and usually fastest way to contact us is via IRC.

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The following questions and answers were part of our FAQ thread on the Forums prior to a cleanup in January 2015, or stem from other topics on our forums.

What about the Dungeon Set 2, Silithus Twilight Content, Silithus Grind rewards such as Earthstrike as well as the Argent Dawn Armament rewards?

While we will make the Dungeon Set 2 chain available earlier than during the retail timeline, we will make sure it has very little to no impact on the endgame progression. The other content mentioned will be made available according to the PVE progression, i.e. Silithus content with the release of the War Effort and Argent Dawn rewards coinciding with the Scourge Invasion.

What about client screen freezes?

As mentioned in one of our showcases you will not experience any of the usual private server screen freezes on Kronos.

What about disconnects when travelling with boat or zeppelin from one continent to the other while being grouped?

This problem has been resolved as well.

Do reputation gains work according to the changes introduced in Patch 1.7?


Where can I download the game client and how do I connect to the server?

Download options for 1.12.1 client and instructions on how to connect can be found here.

Do I have to use the TwinStar Launcher?

No, set realmlist

Where do I report bugs or check if a specific bug is already fixed?

We have a bug-tracker integrated into TwinHead.

Is the bug-tracker a good measure of progress?

Yes and No.
If you take your time and actively use the bug-tracker you can gain a lot of information about issues currently discussed or recently fixed. However, not all fixes and bugs are listed in the bug-tracker. Everything related to hacking and exploiting will never be available to the public. The same goes for other issues, kept internal for varying reasons. Changes to core mechanics are also often omitted from the bug-tracker and changelog.