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Showcase: Creature AI #2
Changelog 17.08.2014 – 07.09.2014

Dear Players,

while we left you empty handed last sunday, we have another video and changelog for you today. This showcase is the second dealing with NPC AI and shows mostly how NPCs use their Crowd Control abilities and how they behave against players affected by crowd control effects.

This week we are also able to present you a changelog again. Among the fixes are Engineering Items, Warlock Spells, including the abilities of the enslaved Doomguard, Rogue mechanics concerning Sap and Vanish as well as minor fixes to NPCs all around Azeroth.
We look forward to your thoughts and feedback in the forums.

General (2)
#2263 Bomb and Grenade hitbox Bomb’s and Grenade’s hitbox behavior has been reworked. It should now behave as it did during vanilla’s retail days.
#870 Sorefooted Now longer gives the player the chance to fully resist abilities with a damage component and a slow or root effect. From now on only the snare effect of any given spell has a 15% chance to be resisted due to this talent.
NPCs (11)
Blackrock Depths
#2584 Fixed an issue where the little fire spirits did not spawn.
Redridge Mountains
#1385 Added and corrected specific loot.
#2872 Added missing ability.
#2864 Added missing ability.
#2873 Added missing ability.
#2868 Added missing specific loot.
#2830 Added shadow immunity.
#2833 Added fire immunity to this and several other NPCs.
Unknown Location
#900 Improved NPC Pet behavior.
#2857 Adjusted stats (HP, Mana, Armor, Resists) and added correct abilities while enslaved.
#2809 Fixed an issue where Renatakis Gouge ability caused the server to crash.
Objects (1)
#2853 Added multiple spawn locations and pooled these accordingly.
Items (9)
#642 Should now have the correct stats and behave as intended.
#2686 Corrected Weapon Speed.
#2825 Added as specific loot to the proper NPC.
#2242 After using this item the player will now be knocked down for a brief period.
#643 Should now have the correct stats and behave as intended.
#2811 Will now reset the abilities as stated.
#2869 Added missing specific loot.
#2871 Added missing specific loot.
#641 Should now have the correct stats and behave as intended.
Spells (10)
#2532 Resolved an old visual bug.
#2807 Rogues are no longer “semi visible” after using sap.
#2776 Starting to cast spells will now remove stealth immediately.
#2848 Canceling Stealth will now also remove the Vanish buff.
#2847 Grounding Totem will now longer prevent Hunter Traps from working.
#2819 Fixed an issue where this spell would continue to deal damage and heal even after the channeling stopped.
#2816 Fixed some issues where the animation of Fear spells would persist even after the effect had been removed by use of abilities or items.
#2813 When used in conjunction with Execute and the second victim is below 20% health, they will be hit with the full Execute amount. If the second victim is not below 20% health, they will be hit with normal melee swing damage.
#2053 Removed this faulty Engineering skill.
#2817 Fixed some incorrect weapon skill gain behavior due to Wand usage.
Dungeons (2)
#2787 DM West Pooling Pooling of several trash NPCs in Dire Maul West.
#2764 Sunken Temple Pooling Pooling of various trash NPCs in Sunken Temple.
Mechanics (1)
#2799 Enchanting via Trade Window Fixed an issue where materials would not be consumed.