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Become a part of the old Vanilla world. Set up your client according to our guide.

If you have any questions, read the FAQ first. In case you don’t find the answer, you can try asking on our IRC.

Most our services are to be found on the web page of the TwinStar project, under which Kronos belongs.

Account Manager

In order to play on Kronos, you need a game account created in the account manager.

Account manager also contains many useful features like the character auction or donate system. You can purchase Stars through the donate system, and for these Stars you can then buy special mounts, pets or tabards that cannot be obtained in-game.
You cannot buy any gear this way!
However, in our character auction you can spend your Stars on characters that were leveled up by Kronos players.


On our forum you can take part in numerous lively discussions, suggest improvements for the server or comment on what you don’t like.
There are also various videos from our players, guides, sections dedicated to both PVE and PVP and many others.

If you encounter a player violating server rules by misbehaving, abusing a bug etc., you can (and are obliged to) report him to the forum Blacklist.

If you want to become a part of the community you need to create a separate forum account. With this account you can also log in to our TwinHEAD database.


Kronos has its own Armory, where you can search for characters, guilds and various statistics like Honor ranking.

The armory contains a talent calculator.


It’s our gaming database, where you can find information concerning NPCs, quests, zones etc. It includes plenty of features: Bosskills, detailed statistics from every instance encounter, changelog and much more.

It is also a place where you are supposed to report bugs you find in-game (and only them!) – malfunctioning quests, NPCs, items, spells etc.

A sun that never sets

Dear Kronos,

as the Autumn months are closing on us, we want to provide you with a major update of what happened in the past few months as well as what we have in store for you.

Over the course of the entire Summer, our main focus had been to come up with solutions to counter disconnects and lags, which were mainly the result of us being under an attack as well as some unexpected stability issues. We have successfully dealt with these matters and we are protected more than ever before. If similar situation rises again in the future it will result in lesser difficulties and smaller impact on our realms and players.

Dragons of Nightmare

We have received extensive feedback from you about intense usage of multiple accounts in order to benefit in some specific situations. Currently we are in a process of evaluating these cases and finding solutions to the ones that are massively abused at first. Eventually we will address all of them, but at this time we would like to solve raid summoning to the world bosses.

Therefore we have decided to introduce experimental measure, which will result in the world bosses being unattackable for 30 minutes after spawn.  We are not against players having multiple accounts for different situations that do not affect the game and just make the everyday life easier, but we do want an environment where players with multiple accounts and those without them have the same opportunities.

Session Persistence

One big change is awaiting both Kronos realms in the upcoming two weeks. We are going to implement Session Persistence thanks to disconnects caused by internet issues, deliberate disconnects and game errors are now going to be more bearable. This feature will resolve a bunch of issues and eliminate several exploits known among the whole scene.

The following changes will take place:

  • Getting disconnected during a fight will keep you in the fight and after reconnecting you will be able to continue fighting – your character does not get removed from the world
  • Getting disconnected and then logging back within 20 seconds will no longer clears buyback slots
  • It will no longer be possible to avoid wipe or PvP by a deliberate or unintended disconnect
  • Logout will remove the player from battleground, but disconnect will not if the player reconnects within 20 seconds
  • Temporary offline characters will have “Offline” post-fix on their nick names

This will be implemented very soon on Kronos II for live testing, so if you happen to come across any unexpected change, please contact us. Once this feature gets fine-tuned, it will be introduced to Kronos I as well.


After months of collective effort from players of Kronos I and tiresome work from us, Ahn’Qiraj gate finally opened on the 18th of August, and we’ve witnessed the first death of C’Thun by the hand of Synced.

Synced vs. C


Shadow of the Necropolis

With the Old God defeated there is only one major milestone left to reach. Work on the Scourge Invasion and Naxxramas had already been commenced and we will bring you this endgame in its full glory.

We will keep you updated over the upcoming months.

Blackwing Lair

A week later after Ahn’Qiraj, on the 24th of August, Kronos II had its own challenge to conquer.

Blackwing Lair opened after hundreds of hours spent to perfect it to a state, where it is now almost identical to the actual raid as it was those many years ago.

Congratulations to the guild REMEDY for their Nefarian realm first kill.

Remedy vs. Nefarian

TwinStar Trailer 2016

We are proud to present you with TwinStar trailer created to promote Kronos as well as our sister realms and the whole project.

TwinStar as a project is constantly growing and will continue to do so in the future. This year so far we have brought out new hardware, massive protection against attacks and much more stability. Many changes are yet to be introduced one which is going to be the new Account Manager.                                                            

The new Account Manager is currently under development and we do not have any estimated date when it will be finished. This will stabilize the system and bring many changes to the overall structure.

It will also provide:

  • Another layer to your account security
  • Available change of registration email
  • Options to change race and character customization later

All in all, we here at TwinStar have been working very hard, around the clock, to regain our footing and better protect ourselves in the future. We appreciate you, the players, most of all, for without your undying support, none of this would be possible! Everything we have done, and will do, is because of you, so give yourselves a big pat on the back!

Thank You,
Team Kronos