Become a part of the old Vanilla world. Set up your client according to our guide.

If you have any questions, read the FAQ first. In case you don’t find the answer, you can try asking on our IRC.

Most our services are to be found on the web page of the TwinStar project, under which Kronos belongs.

Account Manager

In order to play on Kronos, you need a game account created in the account manager.

Account manager also contains many useful features like the character auction or donate system. You can purchase Stars through the donate system, and for these Stars you can then buy special mounts, pets or tabards that cannot be obtained in-game.
You cannot buy any gear this way!
However, in our character auction you can spend your Stars on characters that were leveled up by Kronos players.


On our forum you can take part in numerous lively discussions, suggest improvements for the server or comment on what you don’t like.
There are also various videos from our players, guides, sections dedicated to both PVE and PVP and many others.

If you encounter a player violating server rules by misbehaving, abusing a bug etc., you can (and are obliged to) report him to the forum Blacklist.

If you want to become a part of the community you need to create a separate forum account. With this account you can also log in to our TwinHEAD database.


Kronos has its own Armory, where you can search for characters, guilds and various statistics like Honor ranking.

The armory contains a talent calculator.


It’s our gaming database, where you can find information concerning NPCs, quests, zones etc. It includes plenty of features: Bosskills, detailed statistics from every instance encounter, changelog and much more.

It is also a place where you are supposed to report bugs you find in-game (and only them!) – malfunctioning quests, NPCs, items, spells etc.

Database Server Upgrade

Dear Community,

We are swiftly approaching a planned migration of our database server to a more powerful machine.
As you can imagine such a hefty task will require some downtime to our services. It is planned that the servers, including every service, will go offline during the morning of Friday 23rd June 2017 for an approximate of 3 hours. There will be an announcement closer to the time in order to confirm when the servers will be going offline. We wanted to make sure that you as the players had some warning of this outage as opposed to only giving out this information a day before it occurs.

What does this database migration mean for you?

You may not feel direct benefits as this won’t affect our game server but we promise that your data is more safe and secure than ever before. The database will also be much faster and much more reliable than before, overall providing a better experience for you!

As stated previously the expected downtime is around 3 hours. However, no amount of preparation can ensure perfection and there is always the possibility of hiccups that can unwillingly disrupt us.
We will try to stick to this as best as possible but if there will be any delays you can be sure we will inform you as soon as possible.

This is a very lengthy process to be done correctly and as such this will be the first of 3 outages as part of our plan. The other outages will be announced in the near future.

Thank you so much for the prolonged support,

The Kronos Team