How to connect to IRC

How to connect
The most widely used are IceChat and KVIrc. These clients are independent applications with a large number of options.

IRC Server: Port: 6697 (SSL)

You can download it here.

How to install and setup:
Installation and setup are quick and easy. After installation and when first running the client you have to choose the server Port: 6697 (SSL). If it is missing on the list it is necessary to type it in along with the nickname you will be using. Then you simply type /join #kronos-wow or any other channel you want to join and IceChat will do so. However, if you have your nick registered on IRC, a few further steps are needed:

  • – Right-click on “server” – “Edit server” and a table with the server options opens.
  • – Then proceed to “Startup” in the left part of the table and enter your IRC password in the “NickServ Password” field.

You can also use the AutoJoin List feature – it enables you to make a list of the channels which you will join automatically after the client is run. To create your list go to “Edit server” – “AutoJoin List”. Always enter the channels in this form: #channel password. Remember that it is necessary to tick the two options below – “Enable AutoJoin Delay” and “Enable AutoJoin List”.
In “Options” – “IceChat Settings” – “Sound Events” you can tell the client to give you a signal whenever your nick is mentioned in the chat (so called HL – highlight). You simply choose any sound you want and have in your computer for the options “Your Nickname is said in a Channel” and “Your Nickname is said in a Query”.
In “Options” – “Fonts” you can adjust the colour, size and type of fonts.

IRC chat rules

  • – Use highlight (HL) which means that in the chat you type the whole name of the person you want to talk to and right after his/her name you add the information you want to tell him/her.
  • – Wait for the answer – nobody checks the chat 24/7 so you might have to wait for some time.