Join the Team


We are currently looking to expand our development staff, so if you are interested in scripting and fixing issues for Kronos here is what we require of you:

C++ and MySQL knowledge
Experience with MaNGOS or TrinityCore
Experience with Git Workflow
A static IP adress
An already set up and running local server
Ability to work independently
Creativity at solving problems
Effectivity even under pressure or in stressful situations
Flexibility, motivation and enough free time

If you fulfill these requirements you may apply via email to Please use “Developer Application *Your Name Here*” as the mail’s subject.


While we currently have a lot of active testers you can of course still apply if you think you can actively help in the bug finding/reporting/researching process. In any application include as much information about your experience and history with World of Warcraft and the (Vanilla) Private Server scene.

If you choose to apply, write an email to, using “Tester Application *Your Name Here*” as the mail’s subject.

Forum Moderators

We currently also intend to increase our Forum staff. If you think you can objectively and fairly keep an eye on discussions and throw out the occasional spam thread, then write an email to, using “Moderator Application *Your Name Here*” in the mail’s subject line. Details about your involvement in other internet projects/forums are welcome but not necessary.

Please note that regardless as what you apply, you will need to be able to work in a team and play nice with others. We look forward to your applications!


Alternatively contact us on our discord / irc server.