Kronos is a Vanilla private project of TwinStar. Here at Kronos we aim to deliver you the most authentic Vanilla experience possible.

Our plan is to make Kronos the home for everyone who seeks high quality scripts in all aspects to relive the days of the game. Kronos features fully functioning Pathfinding and Line of Sight, perfectly working class mechanics as well as  dungeon and raid scripts with an unparalleled attention to detail.


We work on every dungeon, from Ragefire Chasm to the Upper Blackrock Spire, trying to reproduce the Original as close as possible. We replace wrong mob packs and link them correctly, add missing patrol paths and implement the special events in the respective dungeons such as the Aurius event in Stratholme, the Scourge Invasion into Stratholme’s Scarlet Bastion or the Ashbringer event in the Scarlet Monastery.
Bosses have their AI and immunities adjusted, to ensure an astonishing resemblance to their retail versions. In General, our aim is, that you’ll go out of of the dungeons saying: “Yes, this is how I remember them.”


The raid dungeons belong to the very top of our priority list. We are certain that a big part of the community is looking for accurately scripted raid dungeons and we want to deliver exactly that!
Each Boss encounter will be scripted from scratch and improved until they are flawless.
Trash mobs will get an extra treatment as well. We will make sure they get their correct immunities to crowd control and spells and, as usual, add their correct linking and respawn criteria, something that is being overlooked on most other projects.

All raid dungeons will be released in their full glory, meaning we will not do any partial releases. All Bosses in each raid will be available as soon as the respective raid has been released.
We believe that partial releases break the progress experience for you and the balance inside the dungeon.


As one big part of the community will be looking for fantastically working PvE content, another big part will want to enjoy proper PvP and we want to provide the platform to do so!

For PvP it is crucial that we provide you with working class mechanics and flawless Battlegrounds.

We hope that there will be a lot of participation in PvP, because this is a make or break criterion for a working community and the most authentic experience for everyone. We are excited to see who will become the first Grand Marshal and High Warlord.


Concerning professions, Engineering certainly needs the most polishing. Veterans among you know that many engineering items with special effects don’t work properly on other projects, especially the “malfunction” feature is usually missing.
We will make sure to fix these items, as engineering plays a big role in the PvP scene.

Another big issue are the gathering professions. For Kronos, we will write a node spawning system that works independently for each zone and reduces the resources to the most authentic extent.

In conclusion, we are putting huge efforts into fixing all kinds of issues, to finally make you feel like you’re playing the old game. Our Core and Databases have been worked on for several years and we are now confident to bring you the quality you have been looking for all along.
We know that many of you have tried lots of other private projects already, but we hope that you can motivate yourself one more time to finally find the project you always wanted.